Montreal newborn photography {Our gorgeous photo albums}

I may be old fashioned (and I repeat myself on top of that!), but for me a picture must exist in a physical way to realize its full purpose and take full life. That’s why I put so much energy, time and love to look for, try and compare different photo products. The purpose of my quest: to find pieces of art that are unique, beautiful and long-lasting AND that will delight my clients.

It is with a huge smile that I present to you our new album, ideal for keeping photos of your newborn for generations to come (and a nice gift to give him or her when he or she is older). In fact, I love it so much, I sit down and open it once a week …. just for the pleasure of turning its pages!

When you want to keep your photos for a long, very long time (like newborn or wedding photos that will be part of your “family heritage”), it is important to choose printed products that are “archival”. These products are acid free and are often added with a finish to preserve the product from harmful effects of UV and little muddy fingers. Images printed by photographic process are more durable and prettier than the press printed one, for example; the acid-free mats, or better rag” mats (100% cotton), will not deteriorate in the long run, the image they surround, etc..

Our new album is gorgeous! It comes in a a choice of color for the linen cover, pages has rounded corners and a perfect printing quality! Its pages are made ​​with real photo paper mounted on thin acid free panels and covered with lustre finish that protect it from UV damages, dirt and minor scratches. And, not to waste the “wow” effect, it comes in a beautiful custom made boutique bag!

So go ahead and have a look!


couverture album portrait bébé naissantdétails album photographie bébé naissanta spread page in our newborn photo album